Cramer Enamel / Bath Repair Rubber


Manufacturer: Cramer

Product Information

Removes paint marks, adhesive residue, lime scale, metal abrasions and tough stains on baths, basins, ceramic sanitary fixtures, sinks, tiles, floors and more without scratching.

The composition of the Bath Rubber enables you to thoroughly remove deposits without scratching (use of water increases cleaning efficiency).

We have used it ourselves with great success on scuffed and stained baths.

 *******This is an abrasive cure. you should try it out on an unimportant area first to observe it's effects before final use. *************

Having said that, we have used it without problems on many surfaces without problem.

Technical info :

  • Material Composition: Polishing agent embedded in polyurethane.
  • Material Characteristics: Most high abrasive cleaners contain silicium carbide, quartz sand or corundum as abrasive agents. However, these agents are often significantly harder than the surfaces they are applied to. Inevitably, scratches are caused. The strong polishing particles in the Cramer Bathtub Stain Eraser have been specially formulated/developed for use with sanitary products. Carefully formulated below the hardness of ceramic and enamel surfaces, this product easily removes paint drips, residual glue and metal marks without scratching these surfaces.
  • Storage: Store dry and cool in original package. Minimum durability: 5 years.


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Product Code: GEB

EAN (barcode): 4027316303010

MPN Code: Bath Rubber

Brand : Cramer

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