Square Drive Screws #8 x 2" Countersunk BZP (Box of 200)


Manufacturer: Olympic fixings

Product Information

Box of 200 #8 x 2 inch countersunk BZP Square-Lok / square recess "Scrulox" type square recess screws.

We also sell the matching screwdriver for these screws.

Square drive screws were invented by Canadian Peter L. Robertson over 100 years ago in 1908.

There is no doubt that this type of screw is so user friendly that once used you will probably never go back to a conventional type. The screw head has a deep square recess to take the driver. The driver locks into the screw head so that you can wave it about and the screw will not fall off. Use on hardwood, softwood, chipboard, fibreboard. Twin thread, fully hardened steel. Zinc plated for longer life. Sold in countless millions in North America/Canada. Sold by us for over 20 years.

Product Code: GGH

EAN (barcode): 5055068626964

MPN Code: 130-329-150

Brand : Olympic fixings

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