5A / 5 Amp Consumer Unit Fuse - BS1361 - LA5


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Made to the British Standard BS1361, these little 5A LA5 / LA5A / C55 fuse links are found in many fuse-boxes made by Memora / MEM, Hager, Wylex, MK and more.

Normally used for lighting circuits, they look like a fuse out of a plug-top, but are a bit smaller.

It's very common to blow one of these little fuses when a light bulb blows - there's a surge of power as the filament in the lamp burns out.

The fuse measures 23mm x 6.35mm.

A fuse is a sacrificial device which provides overcurrent protection, of either the load or source circuit. It's essential component is a metal wire or strip that melts when too much current flows, which interrupts the circuit in which it is connected. Short circuit, overloading, mismatched loads or device failure are the prime reasons for excessive current. The fuse interrupts excessive current (blows) so that further damage by overheating or fire is prevented.

When replacing a fuse, always use the correct size / type of fuse and make sure the circuit is isolated.

Product Code: ADB

EAN (barcode): 5055488297546

MPN Code: LA5

Brand : Generic

Average Review Score: 5 based on 3 reviews

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Customer Reviews

BS1361 fuses - good value

So much better value than the 'big name' high street supplies. Thank goodness for sites like this where we can still buy items at sensible prices.

Kevin Reid :: 21 Apr 2014, 08:10


Excellent, couldn't find these on the high street!!! Relief!!

AR :: 12 Jan 2014, 14:09


Thank-you, so much quicker than searching the shops!

Bard :: 22 Jul 2013, 09:24

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