PTFE Paste (Tin) - Thread Sealant Compound


Manufacturer: Black Swan

Product Information

Tin of PTFE paste - 118ml  1/4 pint. 

PTFE should need no introduction,  it's used for all types of plumbing work (except oxygen). 

We have found that to make an excellent joint, if you use the PTFE from the tin on the male threads of the fitting and then apply some PTFE tape on top of that, it makes a great job. Sort of like a "belt and braces" approach to plumbing. It avoids the common problems with using PTFE tape on it's own, where sometimes you don't get a watertight joint (usually this is somewhere really awkward to repair ! ). 


  • This is a special blend of PTFE and oils, it will fill tiny cracks and voids in threads. 
  • Acts as lubricant for easy tightening and release. 
  • Soft set, non hardening. 
  • Gases to 3000PSI   Liquids to 10000PSI. 
  • Temp from -45c to 204C. 
  • Recommended for all applications where cleanliness is essential. 
  • May be used on plastic or metal pipe fittings. 
  • Contains no lead. 
  • Non-toxic. 

Use for lines carrying acids (diluted), caustic alkali (diluted), hydraulic oil, natural gas, ammonia, diesel, inert gas, nitrogen, ethylene glycol, jet fuel, petroleum solvent, brine, gasoline, LP gases, steam, compressed air, heating oils, water, castor oils, helium. 

Made in USA.



Product Code: GKP

EAN (barcode): 0054647020549

MPN Code: 2054

Brand : Black Swan

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