Black Alkathene Pipe Fittings

We don't stock the old imperial sized black Alkathene plastic water mains pipe or fittings any more. For reference, we've shown below information about it's sizes.

Pay careful attention to the size of Alkathene pipe. The name of the pipe doesn't match it's actual dimensions, best bet is to have a good look at the pipe, as the size and class is usually marked on it. It also usually marked "BS 1972"

Half inch alkathene pipe BS1972

The pipe mainly came in two different types, class C and class D, the difference being the thickness of the wall (the more popular class C was thinner).

Approximate Alkathene Pipe Sizes in mm
PipeClass C IDClass C ODClass D IDClass D OD
3/8 inch12 mm17.5 mm11.1 mm17.5 mm
1/2 inch15.5 mm21.5 mm14.1 mm21.5 mm
3/4 inch19.5 mm26.9 mm17.5 mm26.9 mm
1 inch24.5 mm33.7 mm21.9 mm33.7 mm

The information here is provided for guidance only. The data shown represents extracts interpreted by us of the referenced standards. If more clarification and accuracy is required, you should refer to the relevant standard.


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