Imperial Copper Pipe

We don't stock imperial copper pipe (after 1972 the UK changed to metric), though we do have some information on its sizes.

The old British imperial copper pipe was described by the size in inches of its nominal bore, so the outside diameter is larger than the name of the size.

Copper pipe from other countries (Republic of Ireland and America) are usually not the same as the UK sizes, due to different wall thickness.

UK Imperial Copper Pipe Size chart
Nominal Bore SizeOutside Diameter
1/2 inch0.596" / 15.14 mm
3/4 inch0.846" / 21.49 mm
1 inch1.112" / 28.24 mm
1-1/4 inch1.362" / 34.59 mm
1-1/2 inch1.612" / 40.94 mm
2 inch2.218" / 56.34 mm

The information here is provided for guidance only. The data shown represents extracts interpreted by us of the referenced standards. If more clarification and accuracy is required, you should refer to the relevant standard.


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