Lead Pipe Fittings

Lead Pipe Fittings

Plumbing fittings to connect old lead water pipe to modern plastic and copper pipe.

Lead pipe came in a range of sizes based on its nominal inside diameter in inches and in different weights. The weight refers to the weight of a yard length (36 inches) of pipe in pounds so 1 yard of 1/2 inch 6lb lead pipe weighs 6lb.

Lead Pipe Size chart
Lead Pipe SizeNominal Outside Diameter
3/8 inch 5lb0.743" / 18.87 mm
1/2 inch 6lb0.873" / 22.17 mm
1/2 inch 7lb0.918" / 23.32 mm
3/4 inch 9lb1.152" / 29.62 mm

The information here is provided for guidance only. The data shown represents extracts interpreted by us of the referenced standards. If more clarification and accuracy is required, you should refer to the relevant standard.

* Lead is a highly poisonous metal, affecting almost every organ and system in the body *

* Proper care and precautions must be taken when working with Lead *


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