Silicone Grease (1/2 oz / 14g)


Manufacturer: Black Swan

Product Information

Small tub (1/2 oz / 14g) of plumber's silicone grease. Silicone grease should be used where regular lithium based greases can’t. Silicone grease works at higher temperatures (up to 230°C), can be used on rubber or synthetic O-rings and is more resistant to a wider range of chemicals.

Black Swan silicone grease is a 90% pure silicone grease-like product. Composed of inert amorphous silica fillers and selected silicone fluids. Contains no petroleum additives. Formulated for many plumbing applications including making hard turning taps (faucets) work smoothly, and lubricating stems of taps, valves, ballcocks, etc.

What's the difference between Silicon and Silicone ? Silicon is a natural chemical element (Si) found in great abundance on Earth, primarily as a major component of common sand. Silicone on the other hand is a man-made substance derived from silicon and other chemicals. Silicones are used in sealants, adhesives, lubricants, medical applications, cookware, and insulation.

Product Code: GEO

EAN (barcode): 0054647041155

MPN Code: 04115

Brand : Black Swan

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