Toilet Syphon Diaphragm Washers

Toilet Syphon Diaphragm Washers

If your toilet won't flush or requires several pressings on the handle to make it flush properly, then the chances are that the diaphragm washer (membrane) inside the cistern syphon is damaged. They can crack, disintegrate, fold over and any one of these faults can stop the toilet flush mechanism from working properly.

A replacement diaphragm washer can solve many toilet flushing problems and is a great alternative to buying a new syphon.

Also, you should consider the following when completing your order :

When you remove the cistern from a close couple pan you will probably find a damaged rubber washer, rather like a squashed, deformed doughnut. It is very hard to re-seal the joint between the cistern and pan re-using this squashed item. We strongly recommend you replace this washer at the same time as doing your syphon washer repair job.

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