Washing Machine Waste Stand Pipe Tee


Manufacturer: McAlpine

Product Information

Use this stand pipe tee to connect the waste from two machines into a 1-1/2 inch vertical waste stand pipe. 

Normally a stand pipe isn't big enough to accommodate two wastes, this item solves that problem. 

Often called a "Viking hat" due to it's appearance. 

When you're fitting this tee, slide the nut and washer onto your pipe first, then install the tee (otherwise you can push the washer into the wrong part of the tee). 

Vented to allow free air flow (stops syphon action). 
Separate compartments to avoid cross discharge. 
Supplied with blanking caps if a connection is out of use or being made redundant due to a house move or removal of appliance. 


Product Code: FHI

EAN (barcode): 5036484005755

MPN Code: V33WM

Brand : McAlpine

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